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What are interactive interfaces UI/UX :

First of all, let's identify the interfaces for the user, which are the designs that face the user while using the computer or phone, and it consists of all the visual element and written content on the pages of websites and applications, and it means interactivity, the interfaces designed in a thoughtful manner by experts in the field to ensure the optimum percentage of Interactions from users of the website or application. With the development of designs and content in the digital world, interactive interfaces have become of great importance from a competitive point of view, both aesthetically and functionally. Distinctive interfaces attract the user to interact with the site or application more, and the ease and smoothness of the interfaces provides a comfortable user experience that makes the possibility of his return greater.

ما هي الواجهات التفاعلية


  • Information Gathering
    Collecting all possible information about the company's visual identity, including information about the products or services offered, as well as the features of these products and services, in order to form a complete picture of the company
  • Research and Study
    The research and study process focuses on the sector and activities in which the client is engaged. This involves studying the designs and colors used within the client's business field, as well as the designs of competitors
  • Initial Design
    Initial designs are created based on the information collected from the client and the insights gained from the research and study phase. This is done to create a preliminary design concept that aligns with the desired designs
  • Design
    Designers work on implementing the designs in more detail and at a higher quality to create a design that efficiently meets its intended purpose, emphasizing uniqueness and quality
  • Modification
    After completing the designs and presenting them to the client, the client has the opportunity to make specific modifications to meet their needs, in case there are any changes or additions they would like to make

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What do interactive interfaces consist of :  

Interactive interfaces consist of two main components that make up this concept. The first is (UI), which is an abbreviation for user interface, and the second component is (UX), which is an abbreviation for user experience. Let's discuss in greater detail each of the two components:

  1. User Interface (UI): It is a method of designing visual interfaces and depends on the consistency of colors between each other and merging them in a way that gives aesthetics and a specific format to the site or application, as the matter applies to the lines and design shapes approved to be proportional to the colors and compatible with each other. The interfaces also include regular images and animated images in order to create a better visual interaction for the user and create certain visual impressions for him from these elements. The design must have specific and clear patterns in the interface to create harmony between the visual components, an aesthetic harmony that enriches the user's eyes and gives him a good impression and a distinct experience from the application or website.

2. User Experience (UX): It defines the form of content distribution on websites and applications to give a unique experience to the user and obtain the highest degree of interaction. Research and studies on users and understanding user behavior and incentives are important for creating an interactive interface and improving user experience. By using the users' information and the company's strategy, the website or application is built in what is known as the information engineering method, which is to put all the information into use in building interfaces to obtain the best possible result from the user experience. Also, the process of collecting user information is an ongoing process that is constantly subject to experimentation and improvement to improve the user experience.

مما تتألف الواجهات التفاعلية

How are interactive interfaces designed :

To design professional interfaces, a professional team must be relied upon in both areas: designing user interfaces and designing a distinctive experience for the customer, where the cornerstone of the user interface is the visual identity of the company, such as the logo and the colors that are relied upon and the shapes of the lines are sharp or soft with geometric shapes that suit the identity, and on The visual identity should be appropriate to the type of target customers and the company’s field of work to create an integrated image of the company for the customer when seeing the design of the user interfaces. It should also be distinguished by its aesthetics and creative sense to make it easy to save and distinguish from other competitors. In terms of designing the interfaces in terms of customer experience, the type of target customers and the designs of competitors in the field are studied, especially among them the strongest competitors, in addition to studying previous customer experiences with the company. After that, the content is appropriately engineered with the requirements of customers from the interfaces, which increases the interactive effectiveness with them in addition to Giving an easy and rich experience to the user that makes him distinguish this experience from his counterparts from his experiences with competitors, which increases the opportunity for him to interact more and return to visiting the site or using the application frequently. It is very important for mutual coordination between user interface designers and user experience designers so that the design becomes an integrated unit in terms of both performance and aesthetics. In addition, the completion of the interfaces requires distributing the content in the most appropriate way for the user, as he will find everything he will need in its appropriate place. The design of interactive interfaces for websites and applications is not limited to one time, as it is a continuous process, as the accumulation of user data and their preferences will create patterns that can be used to develop and update the interfaces continuously and permanently, which may give an advantage over other competitors.

UI/UX Applications :

The uses of user interface design and user experience engineering in general are common in websites and computer and mobile applications, due to the importance of interaction in virtual reality, but interactive interface applications are not limited to screens only. All types of visual designs within the field of user interfaces are considered from the design of the external product and its packaging and everything related to the external appearance of the product in terms of colors, shapes and logos, all of which are considered part of the user interface that interacts with it and forms part of its awareness of the company or organization. The user experience engineering also includes all the elements of the product that the customer deals with, such as the design of the physical product, not the image, and how it is used and performed. The importance of this experience lies in the information that helps update and develop the product itself.

تطبيقات ال(UI/UX)

Conclusion :

Interactive interfaces have become of great importance in determining the success of websites and applications and a criterion for measuring the performance of websites and applications and collecting information in order to update them and develop their performance, to obtain customer satisfaction and gain a high competitive advantage. The investor should not forget to appoint a team specialized in interactive interfaces with sufficient experience and knowledge in the subject in order to obtain the best desired results.

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