Mobile Applications

What are mobile applications :

Mobile applications are special software for phones that are written based on programming languages in formats that are compatible with mobile operating systems such as the ISO of Apple and Android of Google. These applications also depend on interfaces that are suitable for the size of phone screens. In principle, mobile applications are similar to their counterparts on computers, but they are directed to phones and their users.

ما هي طبيقات الجوال


  • Information Gathering
    Information is obtained from the client about their business type, industry sector, and the goals they aim to achieve with the mobile application. This includes the desired features and designs for the mobile app
  • Research and Study
    The research and study process focuses on the industry sector and activities in which the client is engaged. This involves studying the markets, competitors, and potential customers within the client's business field
  • Planning
    Plans are developed based on the information collected from the client and the insights obtained from the research and study phase. These plans are aimed at achieving the client's objectives and clarifying the workflow
  • Programming and Design
    Programmers work on coding using a programming language chosen for building the mobile app. They also write its database rules and content, create a control panel, and design interfaces for buyers and users
  • Support and Development
    After completing the mobile application in its entirety, a period of technical support and development is provided to meet the client's needs for modifications and to address any emergencies that may arise during the launch phase

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How have mobile apps evolved :

With the development of mobile devices and their operating systems, especially with the shift from regular phones to smart phones, a qualitative leap has appeared in smart phone applications, as phones have become small computers that can be fully relied upon with the development of their internal hardware such as RAM and processor, and with the shift to large touch screens. In addition to the rapid development of operating systems to give many advantages to the phone. All this development prompted developers in various fields to develop mobile applications and a new era of software on the phone began.

كيف تطورت تطبيقات الجوال

What are the types of mobile apps :

The types of applications differ in terms of the software structure, the content they provide, and the basis on which they work to advance the profitability of the company. The most important and most common types of applications are:

  1. Service programs: It is the most widely used on the phone, and it is the software that provides a certain type of tasks to the user, such as writing editors, chat programs such as WhatsApp, photo editing programs, e-mail, and countless other programs, and profit is made from This type of software is by selling it directly on application stores, or provides its services with monthly subscription fees, or it is free for the user, but profit is made by showing ads on the application by a third party.
  2. Social media programs: These are integrated platforms that provide a different social experience according to the specialization of the platform, such as photos and videos for Instagram, videos for Tik Tok, or integrated platforms such as Facebook, which allow the ability to publish, comment and chat by building user destinations that allow the creation of personal accounts and dashboards Control for these accounts, this type of application is profited by advertisements that the platform makes to users directly without the need for a third party.
  3. Online Store Programs: These are digital sales platforms that allow the opening of accounts for users and giving them control panels for their accounts, but with the aim of displaying their products on these accounts in the form of stores within the platform, such as Amazon, IP, Alibaba, and many stores that allow shopping through them directly. And the online payment mechanism allows and takes fees from the sellers in return for the sale operations, and it also provides advertising service to the stores as well.
  4. Mobile games: It is one of the most profitable mobile software in addition to the rapid expansion of its market, as mobile games are now competing with games for other devices and achieving very high profitability, as they allow benefiting from advertising income, and most games contain stores within them to sell belongings in the game and subscriptions Of course, games are very complex in terms of programming, especially in terms of design and visuals.

What is the importance of mobile applications :

The importance of mobile applications lies in the fact that they allow access to customers everywhere through applications to provide various types of services or products, in addition to creating new business opportunities and a wide scope for business development and creating profit opportunities. And many successful companies in the field of technology in our current era are the fruit of mobile applications such as Uber, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many other applications that we cannot imagine our life without. Mobile games are also considered mobile applications, but they are more complex in terms of programming than regular applications.

ما أهمية تطبيقات الجوال

Conclusion :

The importance of mobile applications has become an indisputable matter, and their importance is increasing day by day, as each of us has at least one phone in our pocket, which facilitated the process of reaching customers anywhere and at all times. Mobile applications provide a great opportunity to create a new profitable project, as is the case Many large companies today or the opportunity to develop work and keep up with development. And to complicate the process of developing mobile software, a specialized team must be used to perform the work as necessary to obtain the best results. Where the UID team provides a mobile application development service of all kinds with high professionalism and performance that exceeds expectations to meet customer needs and achieve their satisfaction.

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