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What is visual identity :

The visual identity is all what indicates to the company in terms of visual element from the company’s logo designs, pictures and video to its product packaging and bags as well as its pages on social networking sites and its website, so the company must dye all its visual elements with its personal identity to distinguish it from its competitors and make it Easy to understand for customers and stakeholders.

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  • Information Gathering
    Gathering all possible information about the company's visual identity, including information about the products or services offered, as well as the features of these products and services, to form a complete and clear image of the company
  • Research and Study
    The research and study process focuses on the sector and activities in which the client is engaged. This involves studying the designs and colors used within the client's business field, as well as the designs of competitors
  • Initial Design
    Initial designs are drawn based on the information collected from the client and the insights gained from the research and study phase. This is done to create an initial design concept that aligns with the nature of the business and its type
  • Design
    Designers work on implementing the designs in more detail to enhance the interfaces with distinctive and unique designs, paying attention to all the details and requirements for buyers and users
  • Modification
    After completing the designs in their entirety and presenting them to the client, the client has the opportunity to make specific modifications to meet their needs in case there are any changes or additions they would like to make

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What is the importance of visual identity :  

Nowadays, you will not find any company or organization that does not have its own visual identity that it enjoys and that distinguishes it from others, as we unknowingly preserve thousands of visual identities for many companies such as: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonald's, Lacoste, Zara, Google, Apple, etc. Lots of companies. This indicates its importance as it is an integral part of the company's being and is one of the most important reasons for its success. Companies must choose their visual identity and design it very carefully, as poor design may lead to great damage in the process of promoting the company and drawing the wrong image in the minds of its customers. Good designs facilitate the company's marketing process, as it facilitates the process of preserving the company and building an appropriate image of the company in the minds of customers, and thus building business confidence easier and faster. In addition, the company's presence on social networking sites and the building of a website mainly depends on the visual identity that determines all the designs of flyers and advertisements on the communication sites and the shape of the interfaces on the websites .

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How to design a visual identity :

The starting point is from the name of the company, where the name must be simple and attractive, indicating the field of work of the company. From the name of the company and its significance, work begins on a design inspired by the name, and the field of work of the company is also seen. The visual identity must give an impression of the type of field that the company operates in. One of the best ways to check this is to look at the visual identities of the competitors, not many of them, but the most successful ones. Also a look should be took in the colors used, the colors in the visual identity are not only a part of the company but also of the industry in general, as is the case for the style followed between sharp and oblique lines and between curves and sharp angles. As for the colors, it mainly depends on two colors, which are the basic elements of the visual identity, and a third auxiliary color can be used, and the colors must be consistent with each other. By combining the previous elements of the name, color and shape, the first and most important element of the visual identity is created, which is the company’s logo on which the visual identity will be built on and all designs will revolve around it.

Tips for getting a distinct visual identity :

  1. Make your designs close to the audience Do not use promotional parts only, but use components close to your audience in a friendly way, as the nature of the audience is to receive friendly personal messages more than messages that reflect a promotional nature only.
  2. Make your designs different so that the audience does not get bored, using different components such as shape, size and color while preserving your brand identity.
  3. Clearly reflect your idea, use large illustrations that show the essence and don't care about details that don't interest the audience as much as you care about the main idea or product.
  4. Use the language of your product If your product is mainly directed at males or female, you must use language suitable for them, and if you are addressing children, you must use their favorite graphics and shapes.
  5. Using colors that suit the field of work, as each field of work has its own colors, and the adoption of three basic colors to form a successful visual identity.
  6. Simple designs in our current era are the most important reasons for the success of a simple identity, as they give luxury and elegance, especially away from affectation and complexity.
  7. Choosing simple shapes that are easy to memorize, as the ease of preserving the visual identity is an important factor for the distinction and success of the visual identity.

Visual identity uses :

  1. Products: It is natural that products are the first focus of the visual identity, as the design of the visual identity is derived from and indicative of the product, as well as distinguishing the product from competitors’ products.
  2. Packaging: The visual identity is placed on all types of packaging to distinguish the company's name and to publicize the company among customers such as bags, boxes and other types of packaging.
  3. Publications: here it means publications such as brochures, catalogs and billboards, as it relies on creativity to attract the attention of potential customers.
  4. Decorations: Yes, that's right. Decorations are mainly part of the visual identity, for example, in McDonald's restaurants, the interior design of restaurants depends largely on the company's prices and visual identity, which makes it easy to distinguish it from other restaurants.
  5. Websites: The interfaces of any company's websites are simply part of the company's visual identity, as the interfaces and images used are based on the colors and forms of the visual identity to embody this identity on the website.
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Conclusion :

Visual identity is a part of the company's entity that cannot be underestimated, and it is also one of the most important reasons for success and fame if the visual identity represents the company in the best possible way. Designing a visual identity is a complex matter, and it is an art in itself, as it requires understanding the company and its field of work, understanding the target customers, studying competitors, and a high artistic sense, in addition to a future outlook that makes the company ahead of its time.

Therefore, we must rely on designers with competence and experience who are specialists in the field of visual identities to create the best visual identity, which It will be the face of your company and its engine towards fame and success. 

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