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What are computer programs ?

Programming is a high-level computing process based on coding in programming languages on the computer. This coding has certain computational algorithms. These algorithms are designed and written in a specific way to perform specific tasks to build an integrated software system that performs a set of functions based on specific inputs that the user makes on the interface designed to obtain The desired outputs are generally known as computer programs, software or applications, and these programs include all applications that are used on computers, such as Microsoft Office programs, audio and video files playing programs, and even games, which are among the most complex and largest computer programs.


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  • Information Gathering
    Information is obtained from the client about their business type, industry sector, and the goals they aim to achieve with the computer program. This includes the desired features and designs for the program
  • Research and Study
    The research and study process focus on the industry sector and activities in which the client is engaged. This involves studying the markets, competitors, and potential customers within the client's business field
  • Planning
    Plans are drawn up based on the information collected from the client and the insights obtained from the research and study phase. These plans aim to achieve the client's objectives and clarify the workflow
  • Programming and Design
    Programmers work on coding using a programming language chosen to build the computer program. They also write its database rules and content, in addition to designing interfaces for buyers and users
  • Support and Development
    After completing the computer program in its entirety, a period of technical support and development is provided to meet the client's needs for modifications and to address any emergencies that may arise during the launch phase

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What is the importance of computer programs ?

The importance of computer programs is indispensable for defining its importance, as the user cannot work on the computer without software, as it is like the indispensable spirit of the computer. We are completely dependent on these programs, especially in the field of work, because they facilitate and speed up work tasks for us, as many of the tasks that were being done have been replaced. Manually with computer programs, it is not possible to imagine an office employee who does not use Office programs for editing and writing, companies depend on computer programs heavily, not only in operational terms, but also creating great profit opportunities, as each field of work has its own software aimed at the consumer, as the company benefits from the users of its programs directly from the program’s using fees or through advertisements or products and services sales that could be provided through the program.

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What are the types of computer applications ?

The difference and diversity of functions and tasks led to the difference and diversity of the types of programs and functions performed by computer applications, and like any electronic product, applications are designed and sold to two types of customers:

  1. Office and administrative programs: The programs that companies and organizations depend on are the programs that we can call administrative programs or software, and they facilitate the work of the company and raise its efficiency. These administrative programs may be ready to be sold or of a subscription. such as Microsoft Office for office work, AutoCAD for engineering designs, Photoshop for photo designs, and other programs such as accounting programs and customer service programs (CRM). Companies may want to design their own programs instead of buying already-made similar programs such as accounting programs, customer service, inventory management, and others. Companies may also want to design programs with special functions or to perform special tasks that are not found in already-made programs, such as making the program link many highly complex functions at high administrative levels and building an institutional software system.

2. Personal programs: These are programs that are directed to ordinary people, and we may find some administrative software in the field of personal use, such as Microsoft office programs for students, and many programs for personal uses such as internet browsers, games, video and music players, and a very large number of computer applications to serve personal uses that are generally purchased one-time or pay a monthly or annual subscription.

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What is the software development process ?

The programming process is a very complex process and requires a lot of experience in the field, where the tasks of the program are determined, regarding to that, a plan of action is drawn up based on organizing and arranging databases, defining the functions that the program will perform and linking them to give a specific programming format. Programmers work in coding in a programming language that is chosen to build the program and they have the task of writing the algorithm and content of the program. During the writing process, the program interfaces are designed so that they are easy to use for the end user and simple for the speed of learning, in addition to giving a good appearance to the program, especially if the program is directed to the use of customers and not directed to the company and its administrative matters. The design process is carried out by a team specialized in designing the interfaces in cooperation with the programming team, then the interfaces are linked to the databases so that the program becomes a ready-to-use product and presents it to the customer. The programs also require periodic maintenance, development and continuous technical support to maintain their continuity and improve their performance.

Conclusion :

Computer software is the soul of the computers that we use today, as it performs our tasks on the computer, and its importance in the field of work is inevitable, as it facilitates work and shortens a lot of time. It is a profitable investment that greatly reduces operational costs in work, such as customer service and accounting programs. Also the revolutionary ideas can be turned into applications that lead to great success. Therefore, the development of applications must rely on people with experience and competence to turn application ideas into success stories. We provide the development service with our specialized team to achieve this success and develop it.

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