About Us

About Us

Who are we

UID is an integrated technology company that develops all kinds of software and provides marketing and consulting services in various business sectors and design solutions as well.

UID was established in 2019 by integrated teams of specialists and competencies in the field of programming, marketing and design in Istanbul and Turkey to provide software services to all business sectors all around the world.

UID has provided a wide range of services in the field of technology to many distinguished clients around the world, mainly to startup companies, to help them develop and compete, and a number of these companies have become pioneers in their field due to the continuous follow-up and attention that UID provides to customers as building trust and Tangible results are the most important ingredients that build a healthy relationship with the client.

Our team

Our team consists of three main departments that interact and integrate to provide excellent customer service and to achieve efficiency and quality.

Programming team

It consists of a group of experts in the programming fields, as it consists of backend and frontend programmers, in addition to programmers of mobile applications and computer applications.

Marketing and Consulting Team

It consists of a group of people with competence and experience in the field of business and marketing in particular, in order to draw marketing plans and provide consultations in the field of business in genera.

Designers Team

It consists of a group of creative people in the field of design on the visual and experimental levels to provide professional and attractive designs for advertisement designs, website interfaces and applications.

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About Us

Our goal

Providing an integrated tech service to customers that helps them create competitive opportunities, sustainable development, and establish a relationship of trust that goes beyond traditional customer relationships. Our goal is to be a partner in your success.

Our vision

Fair competition, where there is room for startups to develop, advance, and compete with their peers. Providing good opportunities for success for everyone in a fair way.

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